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Education, Leadership, Motivational Speaking and Nonprofits

The Bertrand Education Group (B.E.G), an innovative cross-functional consultancy based in New York, proudly offers professional development, clinical services and business solutions (see Snapshot Action Plan). Our certified personnel provide various consultation to Education and Healthcare Institutions among Nonprofit Sectors (inclusive of Investment Ventures, Technology and Philanthropy). With a Global Network of over 700 members, we can assist organizational leaders with a Total Quality Management Operational System (TQMOS), which is a management philosophy geared toward continuously enhancing the quality of products (methodologies) and processes consisting of multiple elements to maximize achievement, staff productivity and workplace efficacy. The prelude can also be facilitated through a Strategic Plan to ensure optimal performance.

Additionally, our strategic partners; National Education Foundation (NEF) is a U.S. Nonprofit Leader in STEM Education and K-12 Funding (; and Student Behavioral Health Group ( can assist school professionals in addressing student behavioral health, school climate and safety issues. The goal is proactive risk management through clear policies, model prevention and early intervention programs customized to school needs.

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Services May Include:

  • Serves as an Intermediary with potential investors to support venture start-ups and network partners to ultimately enhance the philanthropic interests of our varied stakeholders with the goal of developing an established community to help those people in need

  • We customize webinars for small group training "best practices" (instructional delivery, data analysis, classroom management, and school leadership)

  • We provide one-to-one counseling and therapy to adults 18 years of age and older, which can include data-driven outreach and prevention programs targeting high risk groups. This service is available via video-conferencing (upon request where appropriate)

  • We facilitate on-site motivational presentations (based on requested "theme" by client) to any staff, youth groups, at commencements, High School and college students

  • We play a critical executive development role, providing advisory and coaching to any Executive Director (C-Suite), other Senior Managers and/or Board Chairpersons/Trustees

  • Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) performs professional tasks with responsibility for behavioral and emotional development or clinical aspects including career counseling and planning

  • Policy and procedure development to ensure legal compliance and personalized response

  • Guidance and support during emergency and post intervention response

  • Lead an innovative agenda that results in social impact and transformational ideas

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